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CALM Training at Your Site

A general training on the CALM approach is available.  Training Xchange at the University of Washington provides two-day workshops at your location to train your agency staff (or staff from multiple agencies) in CALM.  This workshop provides an effective foundation for treating anxiety and depression- whether or not you use the web-based CALM Tools for Living program.  This training can encompass all members of a CALM team- including both clinicians and administrators- to help ensure successful implementation to help ensure successful implementation of CALM.

The training is taught by an ensemble of experienced trainers and includes a dynamic balance of didactic instruction, demonstration sessions, group discussion and practice examples.  All participants receive the CALM Training Workbook and are guided through its contents during the training.  Through in-depth conceptual explanations, skill-building practice and in-person constructive feedback from CALM experts during the interactive elements, training participants can become efficient in conducting CALM.
Comprehensive, interactive training gives participants the information and skills needed to implement CALM.

Individuals who plan to serve as CALM clinicians receive the greatest degree and depth of training, since they work directly with clients. Additional groups that are instrumental to successful implementation within an agency have benefited from CALM training include: organizational leaders or administrators, the CALM program manager, other agency staff who are not serving as CALM clinicians, and a data coordinator.


Training in the CALM program is currently administered by Innovation Learning, a program of CoMotion at the University of Washington in Seattle. Innovation Learning helps researchers disseminate their interventions, programs, and/or tools and increase the visibility of their research findings. It also offers practicing professionals a way to learn these evidence-based programs through a range of engaging, active, and unique training options. Trainings focus on practical skill development and program implementation in ready-to-use formats that lead to real change.