License CALM Tools for Living

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CALM Tools for Living Web-Based Program

TrainingThe web-based program, CALM Tools for Living, is available for use by clinicians or agencies. A license is purchased which provides for:
  • 24-hour access to the web-based intervention tool
  • Client-level tracking for program use
  • Usage reports of aggregated data such as the number of patients enrolled in your program, frequency of use, improvement rates, etc.
  • Agency administrator-level authorization to handle local issues
The program is easy to use, guiding both patient and provider through the individualized intervention. An electronic copy of a Training Workbook is included that describes the program, its use, as well as all the modules and their relation to each other.  As part of the license fee, limited assistance to problem-solve staff or patient enrollment problems, and program administration is available.
The CALM program is individualized for each patient's needs.
There are multiple modules that are used over 8 individual sessions:
  • Getting Started- the intervention and general information
  • Education- the causes of anxiety and mood disorders, and the parts of anxiety and depression
  • Recording- the role of documenting experiences in making change
  • Action- how avoidance contributes to symptoms
  • Get Moving- the place of physical movement in lessening symptoms
  • CALM Breathing- the mechanics of breathing to alleviate symptoms
  • Thinking- the role of negative thinking patterns
  • Living- the importance of behaving differently in stressful situations
  • Feeling- ways to deal with uncomfortable physical symptoms, images and memories
  • Keep Going- the need for long-term plans and goals
A license to use CALM Tools for Living web-based tool is based on the number of users at one site.
  • 1-2 users- $450 per user per year
  • 3-20 users- $400 per user per year
  • 21+ users- $300 per user per year
Please note that the license fee does not include any assistance to address clinical issues of patients.